Selasa, 16 Mei 2017

Pesta Pendidikan 2017

Two days ago, I went to the public festival, Pesta Pendidikan that held on 13th to 14th of May in Fortress Rotterdam. Had been there after intricately persuaded any friends of mine until one that fine enough to realize how they would be thankful for coming there :p

As I seen on the news about this event, Makassar is the forth city after Bandung, Ambon, and Jogjakarta. And the highlight of the event took place in Jakarta next month.

The event held in two days, but unfortunately I did not attend the first day, because.. should I find another reason except there is no one can accompanied me there? Yahaha. I really could go there by myself, by motorcycle, but I still have not my licence yet to go that far. And to go by bus would take too many time. Ugh.

It was 1 pm when I arrived at Benteng Fort Rotterdam.

There were many children who have just finished their performance. The closing ceremony was in afternoon, 5.30 pm for specifically. But I only can stay there at least until 4pm Description: 😩

So I decided to enjoyed my 3 hours efficiently. Uwuwu. Katakerja was the first booth I stopped by. I bought a roll of yarn and saw some books. I really want to buy one, especially Salinger's book, but I have to control the current finances. Hikz.

After that I started looking for good position, under the tree (ofcourzzz) to read. There are so many good books on the shelf that you can read. I took ryu murakami's coin locker babies book, sat down, and started reading.

Soon I regret for not bringing the picnic or what supplies, lunch box or something. What the hell am I thinking before leaving? Description: 😪

I think the best part of that day is when I meet some people. It feels good. I met some old friends, and also someone I recognized in social media but would not know me back if I did not dare to say hello first!

Really hope with this public festival, Pesta Pendidikan, will be a momentum for the government and people of Makassar city, all of us, to advance the main education, to grow reading interest and to eradicate the case of children drop out from school.