Senin, 20 Juni 2022

Meet Mocca On The Night Like This~

I was at home with my husband and Zen, until the end of the afternoon, Me and Fitri (my sister-in-law) thought about going to TSM. That night, there was a Telkomsel anniversary event that invited the band Mocca. I didn't plan on going there at first, even though I was excited because this was Mocca's first performance in Makassar since the pandemic. But in the end I decided to attend after my husband assured me he could look after Zen for the next few hours.

The last time I had the opportunity to watch Mocca was a long time ago, at Urban GiGS in March 2017.

I happened to bring one of my crochet bucket hat with me. Maybe I imagined wearing it to an indie band concert, the edgy look would suit it. Or at least I can document the crochet bucket hat for my label promotion purposes.

The performances of Arina Epiphania, Indra, Toma and Riko were impressive, as usual. Mocca presents 12 songs that are familiar to listeners, starting with the song I Love You Anyway and ending with the song Teman Sejati. The song that is quite memorable is When Everything Has Ended (feat. Gardika Gigih), because I used to listen to this song very often back in 2020.

It feels really good after watching Mocca. When I left the venue, I decided to give my bucket hat to Arina as a keepsake.

 Unwell-prepared gift :’’)

After watching the show, we went to Cidu Market to get us some street food.